Data distribution

For minor data purchases, please use our e-shop. Our e-shop sells and distributes basic data of digital base maps, such as the Digital Map of Prague, the Orthophoto Map, land use plan data, etc. The e-shop's interactive wizard will take you through all the stages of data and distribution format selection (most commonly used vector CAD and GIS formats are supported as well as basic raster formats), area selection, payment of handling fee (bank transfer or card) and your contact data. The application lets you track the status of your order. It can be found at

Data distribution by the Prague Institute of Planning and Development is governed by "Guidelines for the provision of data and data sets of the City Development Authority Prague" listed in Annex 1 to Prague City Council Resolution 1056 of July 21st, 2009.
These Guidelines lists data and reports administered or distributed (DKM, ZUZI) by the City Development Authority Prague.
Data and standard data reports are provided by the Prague Institute of Planning and Development to end users subject to payment of handling fees noted it the "Price list of data reports from data files of the City Development Authority Prague." . Third-party data (DKM ČÚZK) are provided based on a separate price list.

Distribution to Prague City Hall, city districts or their agencies

Pursuant to Article 3 of the Guidelines, Prague City Hall departments, city districts or agencies established by them are granted free access to data, standard data reports and related services based on a completed "Request for free-of-charge provision of geodata and URM geodata file reports" ((a .doc file))They must always fill out and sign the form as "Applicant", even if they contractually authorize another corporation to collect that free data (item 2 in the Application).

Distribution to contractual partners

The Prague Institute of Planning and Development provides data and reports under special arrangements to partners with whom they signed an agreement to provide data and data reports or a cooperation agreement as laid down in those agreements (Article 4 of the Guidelines).

Data for educational and research purposes

The Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR) provides IPR data and reports free-of-charge to students of educational institutions (including abroad) based on a template "Agreement to provide geodata for educational purposes ((.doc))" Research and educational institutions receive such data for scientific and research purposes from the Prague Institute of Planning and Development based on an agreement to provide free-of-charge data (Article 5 of the Guidelines).

Public administration bodies outside of the City of Prague

Public administration bodies and other end users who have not signed an agreement with the Prague Institute of Planning and Development receive data and reports upon payment of a handling fee set out in the "Price list ". pursuant to Article 6 of the Guidelines".

Licensing conditions

Along with the data and reports, the client will receive a hand-over protocol, in which he or she commits to refrain from furnishing said data to other parties, and to secure the data against use or abuse by other parties. If found in breech of this commitment, the client will be liable to pay a contractual fine to the Prague Institute of Planning and Development amounting to hundred times the handling fee.